Boom Town Truck Mania 2 - Flash Game

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Теги: truck, sim city, mine, gold rush, drive


Join the Gold Rush and get rich, by the careful (or some times indiscriminate) use of high explosives. Front-paged on Newgrounds, featured with badges on Kongregate and reviewed on Jayisgames.com! Average online playtime 45 minutes - 1hr. Upgrade your rig, refinery and explosive power. Choose your starting plot, buy explosives, liberate the gold and use the proceeds to build your town. 25 achievements to unlock, 12 explosives to unlock, 9 upgrades, with over 10 levels each, 22 buildings to unlock, 4 plots to buy. Unearth rare precious items, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and the holy grail! Perfect for casual, hardcore players and office workers. No time limits, no pressure, do everything at your own pace. Can you build the ultimate Boom Town?


    Navigate menus with Mouse Clicks, build buildings and place explosives with the Mouse. Scroll the map with WASD and Arrow Keys. Drive you truck with Mouse Clicks or WASD/Arrow Keys

    Control Scheme:

    • movement: arrow

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