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This is the area I've made for War Games between two teams of players.Visit my channel and subscribe for new videos WEEKLY! :Dhttp://www.youtube.com/user/Eyoxiz/My suggested rules: (I want feedback on this! :) )Each team starts with a chest with 2 stacks of cobblestone, 2 stacks of redstone, 1 stack of logs, 32 flint, 32 feathers, 3 string, 64 TNT (designated for non-cannon use), 32 coal. (Cannon Chests contain as much TNT as needed, ONLY for cannon use). Make sure monsters are turned on.-The game starts with 10 minutes of preparation, where each team must not cross half and can build whatever fortifications or traps they want.-During the game, players can gather resources from around their area, but cannot venture out of the boundaries.-After 10 minutes, player's are allowed to cross the center-line and attack!-Defend your castle at all costs. Different modes could be capture the flag, VIP, Deathmatch, or protect a 'sacred statue' or something in your castle.I'll put out a save in my next video about Castle Wars!

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