islandminers. Minecraft 1.4.6 server! Epic PVP! NEW- Hunger Games, The Walls 2 and Paintball сервера minecraft 1.4.6 the walls

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OK GUYS! Sorry but cracked users will no longer be able to get on to make the server a better place. But if we get a lot of donations I may switch back to a cracked server!White list is gone! EnjoyUPDATED TO 1.4.6!WORKING- HungerGames/SurvivalGamesTheWalls 2 finally added! Paintball added with a total of 5 arenas so far. Enjoy! ;)IP- islandminers-mc.servegame.comName- islandminersNo longer cracked! Read above.This is a server full of the most fantastic things a server has to offer. It is very new at the moment and not many people know about it. Join us today and be one of the first to join this server.Some things this server has:-Factions-Controlled wars (C.T.F. and deathmatch)-Spleef Arenas-TheWalls 2-Hunger Games-Paintball-Death Cube-Bombercraft-King of The Ladders-Mob arena-Money, shops, bank-Mazes -Battle ship-Game shows -Interactive slots-anti griefing plugins-things still in progress -and much more! =Dislandminer's site- http://islandmat.wix.com/islandminersislandminer forum- http://islandminergaming.boards.netGetting on the server- When you first get on you will not be able to move. All you need to do is type /setpassword (pass here) with no brackets and make it a good one as this will keep your account safe.then type /login (pass you set)Then you are good to go! IP- islandminers-mc.servegame.comName- islandminersYes that is the ip. No numbers. (that is not a real site.)

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